2004 A Life of Unlearning – coming out of the church, one man’s struggle. Published by New Holland.

This was only released in Australia sadly, but it became a bestseller here and sold out. When I wrote the first edition in the early 2000s, I had a limited understanding of writing (I had never considered myself to be a writer). I learnt a few skills about engaging the reader and incorporated them. Once released, my inbox was immediately flooded with emails from readers repeatedly saying things like they “couldn’t put it down” or they’d “read it more than once”. Obviously, confidence in my writing ability was boosted enormously. Most importantly, it had become an amazing source of healing and resolution for thousands. It saved people from suicide.


2007 A Life of Unlearning – a journey to find the truth. Published by New Holland. (Revised and updated)

When the first edition sold out, I used my new confidence and acquired skills with the second edition. I rewrote the entire book from page one and added an extra 80 pages. New insights were added, as I had more clarity, and my research had given me an even deeper understanding. I had also reconnected with people from my past, which gave me further information. I spent time giving context to various situations, e.g., Exodus International, conversion therapy and finished with a letter I’d written to the Assemblies of God National Executive summarising the hundreds of stories that I’d received or listened to. This second edition was for sale on Amazon.com and also sold out. Amazon resellers jumped in, and people began paying $100s to get their hands on the last few copies or second-hand ones.

2015 A Life of Unlearning – a preacher’s struggle with his homosexuality, church and faith. eBook and print on demand.

When New Holland was not interested in publishing a third edition, it was time to take back the rights and control. I realised I’d added too much additional information in the second edition that kept taking the reader out of the story. I began writing again from page one and decided to stick totally to the narrative. Writing the first edition was very demanding. There were many tears as I visited the most painful experiences of my life. Things I had chosen to leave buried. Digging them up, feeling them again, and putting them on the page for the reader was challenging. For a few experiences, I felt unable to connect with deeply enough. I know in this edition I’ve tapped into each of those for the reader. Finally, the epilogue has been completely rewritten and updated. It’s a challenge to every one of us about what we can do to create change.

So, I guess we could call this third edition supercharged and I would say to anyone who reads it, fasten your seat-belt because I am going to take you on the roller coaster ride of my life.

I FEEL VERY PROUD of this edition and believe once again that it will continue to have a great impact on many LGBTQ and straight individuals and the religious world. There is a whole new generation waiting to hear this story that were only toddlers when the first edition came out in 2004 and also people who were not open to a new understanding of sexuality but are now.

You can’t imagine how good it feels to know that finally A Life of Unlearning is available on every major online bookseller globally and, thanks to technology, this edition will never sell out like it has previously done…. twice. I certainly didn’t expect my autobiography to continue to sell for nearly two decades or that it would go through three transformations.

Reviews, readers’ comments, endorsements, and Channel 7 Sunrise interview here www.ALifeOfUnlearning.com

There is an audio version, but it is of the first edition (2004) and therefore not the version I’m most happy about. I realise some people will only listen to an audio, but I would always suggest they read the latest edition (2015) if they can.