What is Conversion “Therapy”/Practice?

Several definitions have been offered. To summarise, these are the common elements:

  • First, it is based on the false belief that a non-heterosexual, transgender or queer identity is abnormal and the result of damaged development.
  • Second, conversion “therapy” can involve a variety of practices including personal prayer, informal or formal spiritual counselling, by qualified or unqualified individuals, face to face or online formal programs and support groups.
  • Third, the goal of these practices is to change, eliminate or suppress a gay, lesbian or bisexual person’s orientation/identity, or keep transgender individuals from transitioning from their birth gender.

LGBTQ conversion practices foundation is conformity to a single belief about sex (only within a monogamous heterosexual marriage) and a binary belief about gender (male and female).

While the practices, terminology, treatments and even the goals may have changed over time, the false belief about the cause of homosexuality has pretty well stayed the same.

It’s heading towards being a century old. 

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