Yesterday I attended an amazing conference, OutLaws 2019, organised by Thomson Reuters here in New York.

The invitation said:

“At a moment when civil rights and public interest face considerable challenges at home and abroad, OutLaws 2019 is a timely and provocative program inviting LGBTQ professionals, allies, influencers and leaders to come together and help divine solutions toward improving the lives of the LGBTQ community worldwide.”

I thought I was pretty well educated about LGBTI history. I could confidently dispel any urban myths about the events in June 1969, the Stonewall Riots, which has become known as the Rosa Parks moment for LGBTI equality. This resource provided me with some new information I was unaware of; so much so I thought it was worth sharing.

The document was created collaboratively by the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project, Making Gay History, New York Public Library, GLSEN, National Parks Conservation Association, and the Stonewall 50 Consortium.

Questions answered briefly are:

  • When did the Stonewall Inn open?
  • What was there before 1967?
  • Since Stonewall was a “private” club, what were the requirements for getting in?
  • What was Stonewall like inside?
  • Who went to the Stonewall Inn?
  • Why was the Stonewall Inn raided by the police?
  • How many people participated?
  • Who started the confrontation with the police?
  • How long did the confrontations with the police last?
  • How many people participated?
  • How many people were arrested?
  • Was anyone killed?
  • Was it a riot, an uprising, or a rebellion? Was there any looting?
  • What happened to the Stonewall Inn after the uprising?
  • What about the current Stonewall Inn? When did it open?
  • Where can I find photos, film and video of the Stonewall Uprising
  • Was the Stonewall uprising the first confrontation between the police and LGBTQ people?
  • Was the Stonewall uprising the start of the modern gay rights movement?
  • Is Stonewall where pride began?
  • Stonewall is a national monument. What does that mean?

See how much you know or don’t know by clicking HERE 

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