Award winning presenter Pat Brittenden’s online program, the Department of Conversation has a unique philosophy.

We chat until we are finished…we are not hampered by adverts or sponsors…we want interesting people telling stories that you haven’t heard before…and from people you know but maybe haven’t seen in this kind of light before. Don’t think ‘interview’ think ‘casual conversation over a beer in a pub’…that’s what we’re doing and inviting profile people, interesting people, maybe a few crazy people, to come and join us to chat as well.
…..and that’s exactly what we did which gave us time to develop some key issues, dig deeper into ‘A Life of Unlearning’ and come up with a couple of surprises. E.g. Pentecostal/Charismatic/Evangelical pastors and same sex experiences and why mega church pastors are holding out on becoming affirming.


You can also find the audio on iTunes (subscribe while you’re there) and Spotify and Stitcher

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