As the three months Journey to the Truth is coming to an end it is a good time to thank all who’ve contributed and share some exciting news. I want to especially those who kick-started the appeal so generously. We are now over 50%. Check that out HERE.

The Journey to the Truth has been a research trip for the final stages of my next book ‘The Quest to Cure Queers – Exodus to nowhere’. Along with this it has been a fact-finding mission about gay conversion therapy and ‘pray the gay away’ so that Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International will more informed and prepared for the journey ahead.

It’s been an incredible trip. I’ve met amazing people, spoken with outstanding LGBT organisations and gained some incredible insights. I’m returning to Australia more fired up then I have ever been.

Since I left Australia in mid-May:

  • I met with thirteen different experts in the fields of faith/sexuality conflict, mental health, LGBT rights and anti-conversion therapy activists such as Dr Jack Drescher (Psychiatrist and author) , Wayne Besen (author and activist), Ross Murray (Director at GLAAD)
  • Interviewed six former ex-gay leaders including Michael Bussee (one of the original founders of Exodus), John Smid (the former leader of Love in Action ex-gay residential program and speaker at Love Won Out conferences hosted by Focus on the Family) and Jeremy Marks (Courage UK)
  • Had meetings with nine different LGBT organisations in London, Belfast, Helsinki and the Human Rights Campaign in Washington.
  • Spent time doing historical research for ‘The Quest to Cure Queers’ in New York, Washington and San Francisco
  • Recorded over 40 hours of interviews with key people either previously involved in ‘pray the gay away’ or in banning gay conversion therapy. These will be used for ‘The Quest to Cure Queers’
  • Spoken at a number of events at Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast, Helsinki, London and Los Angeles.
  • Had an amazing interview with Patrick Strudwick from Buzzfeed. Apparently the article was viewed up to 200,000 times on the Buzzfeed site alone.

When I return to Australia I will be organising a meeting where I will be giving a full report on the trip and my findings. If you are interested in attending please use THIS LINK to register your interest.

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