The destruction caused by what has become known as ‘gay conversion therapy’ has been horrendous and there’s a growing momentum to see it banned.

Not everyone realises that this will have many challenges, as did our unnecessarily lengthy, marriage equality debate. The challenges were highlighted in our recently released report on Gay Conversion Therapy in Australia. The dynamics of the battle ahead are very much the same as the marriage equality debate and opposition will come from the same quarters. Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI) intends being fully prepared as a leader and pioneer in this area. My personal involvement in dispelling the myth of ‘gay to straight’ goes back to 2000. Yep….it’s been a long battle.

Most likely you are aware that I have been working on my next book; ‘The Quest to Cure Queers – Exodus to Nowhere’. What started out as rewrite of a paper for an academic journal has become a nearly three-year quest unearthing facts, incidents and people not previously considered. Had I known the amount of work involved I may not have embarked on this journey, but I do know that the new information unearthed and unique approach to the subject will be powerful. Now is the time to bring this important work to its rightful conclusion. This book will not only be a fascinating read but an indispensable resource for all involved in working to bring the practice to an end.

‘The Quest to Cure Queers’ will bring the blame of all the destruction over 50 years full circle from where it began to the foot of the contemporary Christian church. The naivety, deception and wilful ignorance I’ve been uncovering is appalling.

In order to finish ‘The Quest to Cure Queers’ and prepare for the battle ahead, I am embarking on a three months trip through the UK and USA, researching, fact-finding and interviewing people who have additional insights and background. This includes former ex-gay leaders, anti ‘gay conversion therapy’ activists, LGBTI organisations and other individuals personally involved since the concept ‘God changes homosexuals’ began in the early 1960s. The growing contact list of interviewees is amazing and the access to historical resources I’ve being given exciting. This additional level of research will bring a relevancy and authenticity to the work and make ‘The Quest to Cure Queers’ one of the important LGBT books in 2019.

This appeal is called “Journey to the Truth”. ABBI’s fundraising goal  is $17,000, which will cover the cost of conducting the interviews, research and meetings that will be occurring in the UK and USA. Your contribution to this special appeal would be greatly appreciated.

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Anthony Venn-Brown

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