Time for Love – The Bible and Same-Sex Attraction

A documentary featuring interviews with New Zealand theologians, scholars, ministers who talk about how and why then changed their understanding about homosexuality, the scriptures and the response of the church.

Documentary maker David Dennis said:

“In Time for Love – The Bible and Same Sex Attraction’, various people talk about why they changed their point of view on homosexuality, how scripture informs our discussion about these issues and why change is necessary. I worry about some of the people we interviewed. The chance that they might lose a job, might be put down or treated badly is still there. Despite their academia, their familiarity with scripture and their reverence for God they might still be harmed for speaking. So their preparedness to speak as they have in the documentary is something I honour. That they felt it was something they would speak about, even in the knowledge that what they say could be held against them, gives even more truth to what they say. They take a risk to say it.”

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