Following an update on the marriage equality campaign in AUSTRALIA (with a brief excerpt from MACKLEMORE and MARY LAMBERT controversially performing “Save Love” at the National Rugby League Grand Final in Sydney; and comments by DR. JOHN McALOON of the University of Technology, Sydney on ABC’s “The World Today” program), “This Way Out” correspondent BARRY McKAY sits down with former Pentecostal preacher ANTHONY VENN-BROWN, Founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI) and the author of “A Life of Unlearning”, to get some advice for LGBT people on how to survive the ugliness of the current postal plebiscite campaign for marriage equality Down Under (starts with a quickie “TWO” I.D. by GREG LOUGANIS and features intro/outro music from “Woyaya” performed by ART GARFUNKLE).


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