‘Exodus to Nowhere – the quest to cure queers’ tells the whole story about the rise and fall of ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy. This will be a significant work for several reasons.

  1. The author’s lived experience – born in 1951 and in a gay conversion therapy residential program 4 years before Exodus was founded.
  2. The author’s unique insights – lived through the entire era. Worked extensively with ex-gay survivors and towards ending ex-gay organisations.
  3. The previously unexplored foundations of conversion therapy
  4. Untold stories of the damage the ‘change is possible” message created.
  5. Why gay conversion therapy began happening globally before Exodus was founded.
  6. Where conversion therapy still exists
  7. Crucial lessons learned from 7 decades of destruction.

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“Exodus to Nowhere – the quest to cure queers” was first presented at Melbourne Freedom2b 21 October 2016