For many LGBTI Australians, tolerance has been the least they have experienced. Most though, have acceptance with their family, friends as well as workplace settings. Australia’s corporates and multi-nationals champion and celebrate diversity whilst homophobia is being stamped out in sport.

We have a generation who essentially knew nothing of the horrors of imprisonment, institutionalisation, torturous treatments, job losses or overt discrimination etc.

Therefore it has come as a shock to many LGBTI Australians, to experience opposition so publicly and relentlessly as people speak against our community and relationships.  The safe schools program, Gayby Baby and the push for marriage equality have unleashed prejudice, ignorance and fear that many thought were things of the past.

LGBTI people from faith backgrounds could say ‘welcome to our world’. For us, this kind of conflict and opposition never went away. And after marriage equality is made law will continue in many contexts.

Since 2000, I have been involved in that conflict at one level or another. Sometimes very publicly and other times behind the scenes fighting battles no one will ever know about.  As a survivor I’ve learnt a few things over the years in order to manage the constant negativity, ignorance and the anger from not only from without but also within. I’d like to offer some lessons I’ve learnt as they are particularly relevant to what lies ahead for our community over the next few months as the YES and no campaigns on marriage equality are in full swing. Some nasty, cruel, unkind and ignorant things will be said about us, our community, families and relationships.

Here’s my top 10 tips that might help. You can read the complete article with more details HERE.

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