When Mel White, founder of Soulforce was on Larry King Live, a caller asked what Mel and his partner did in bed. Larry King hung up on the caller for being rude, but Mel White answered anyway.

“What do we do in bed? We’ve been together for 24 years—we sleep.”

Larry replied. “Yes when these religious people realise that you are just as boring as the rest of us then the debate is over”

For as long as I can remember Christian conservative leaders and churches have focused on gay sex.  Some to point of obsession. They do this for several reasons; one being ignorance about sexual orientation.  Orientation is about the gender we seek love, intimacy, affection and lifelong partnership with: same or opposite gender. Some people can fall in love with either gender.

Religious conservatives’ obsession with the mechanics of what goes on in the bedroom between a male couple or a female couple, apart from being none of their business, is often very telling.

This delightful animated short story “In a Heartbeat” reminds us that  whilst some might be focused on sex, lasting relationships began with and are sustained by the most profound and beautiful of human experiences…..LOVE.

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