Australia’s journey to marriage equality has been like someone learning to drive a car with a clutch (some of you will remember those days before automatic cars).

Hop, hop, stall, stop. Hop, hop, stall, stop. Hop, hop, stall, stop.

If you’re from overseas and you don’t understand the complexities or our hold ups, then I’m sorry, it would take waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to explain.

Two major decisions were made.

  1. Go for full marriage equality instead of civil unions
  2. Shut down the plebiscite (referendum) and force the politicians to do their job knowing

(a) polls tell us that the majority of Australians are in favour and

(b) a national plebiscite would be vicious and harmful to LGBTI people.

People have their opinions about the above two strategies. Some are very passionate either way.

History will tell if these decisions were right or not.

In the meantime, one thing we do know is MARRIAGE EQUALITY is inevitable in Australia. Even a mega-church pastor admitted that to me recently in our discussions. But in the meantime we live with the embarrassment of lagging behind countries like the USA, UK, New Zealand and Ireland (très embarrassment).

The recent debacle about Margaret Court’s public statements about marriage equality remind us it’s not over and that it is still emotionally highly charged. Our Prime Minister and others have said Australians can have a mature debate about it. Really? I think the last couple of weeks has proved it will never be a mature debate. Crazy, nasty people on both sides take up the airways and social media. Cate McGregor, transgender journalist, put some sanity into the fray with a powerful 4 minute response on national television.

Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International has been making its contribution along the way as well. Submissions which you can read on our submissions page have included.

I HAVE A DREAM has been read and shared many times as has my presentation at the National Faith and Marriage Equality Forum, Parliament House, Canberra.

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Remember… wins.