Bon passed away today. Peter and Bon have loved each other for over 50 years and thanks to the anti-marriage equality crowd they were never able to officially tie the knot.

When we see the love and commitment in relationships like Peter and Bon’s, it totally mystifies  the majority of Australian’s why organisations such as the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and other conservatives so obstinately oppose marriage equality…….as if the legal recognition of their relationship could in some way cause civilization and the moral fabric of society to collapse.

When Peter de Waal and Peter Bonsall-Boone went on their first date in the spring of 1966, they never conceived they might one day tie the knot. They fought to have homosexuality struck off the Crimes Act and removed from the manual of mental illnesses but marriage was on nobody’s mind.

“It was just beyond our imagination that the subject would ever be broached,” says Mr Bonsall-Boone, known as Bon.

In their 50 years together, the two Peters have seen almost every barrier of discrimination against them collapse. But the last one – the one that seemed impossible to the two Balmain boys all their lives – now sits tantalisingly close and yet tragically out of reach. Read more here

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