In the comments section of the Saturday paper article Australia’s anti-gay churches shift focus to Asia Pacific,     PeterSalt12 wrote “A V-B, before denouncing those who try to help people who want out. Just because you failed to resist the temptations and gave to them does not mean it is impossible. That impossible message you and others promote is what causes many to suicide. It is not the message of hope and the help Ron Brookman  and Shirley Baskett and others have given so many over the years. You claim you were born that way – for which there is NO scientific, genetic, or medical evidence whatsoever, – and you know it. Which is why you protest so much against those who tell the truth and who try to help others.
……and later PeterSalt122 days ago

“You shouldapologize to everyone you have campaigned against, or assisted to campaign against, who help people deal with unwanted same-sex attraction, Anthony, not just Ron Brookman. You won’t accept that anyone can overcome their homosexual feelings – you suggest they are just hiding from them as I understand you did to Ro n. You havedone it again on this page by stating  “And those that choose straight marriage as the final solution are left  with not only their own trauma to deal with but the devastation their  hope created in the lives of others.” That is so unkind to the many who have successfully beaten something you could not. Failure by one person to giveup smoking does not mean that everyone who does is really hiding behindsomething, any more than someone who marries after sorting out the sexual partof their brain. You just can’t accept that people like Ron can really turn their lives around because it reminds you that you have failed do so.

  • Have ex-gay/reparative/conversion ministries caused anyone to suicide?
  • What is your attitude towards ‘former’ homosexuals should get married
  • Do people get help from ex-gay/reparative/conversion ministries
  • What about your goal of seeing all ex-gay/reparative/conversion close down in Australia.
  • Are you glad to see “ex-gay’ leaders fall

Anthony Venn-Brown has answered these questions and more HERE.