The Christian Democratic Party “Salt and Light” newsletter has just come out. The first section is about the recent federal election. Titled “CDP SUCCESSFUL FEDERAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN”, it puts an interesting interpretation on the word successful. I would have thought a successful campaign meant candidates actually won seats.What is not explored in the newsletter is:

  1. Why are other Christian political partys starting up?
  2. Why would current Christian political partys not want to be aligned with Fred Niles Christian Democratic Party?
  3. Why would current Christian political partys give their preferences to other parties instead of the Christian Democratic Party?

Could it be that Rev Fred Nile’s hard line anti-gay approach over the years has been an embarrassment to many who call themselves Christians. And that Rev Nile has failed to realize that he is no longer considered the spokesperson for Christians or the Church in Australia.



NSW Senate Team, led by Robyn Peebles, have achieved close to 68,000
first preference Number 1 votes and thousands (?????????) of Number 2
votes.  However, due to unfavourable preferencing by other Christian values parties, we were prevented from having Robyn elected.  

It is a tragedy that other minor parties actively combine to prevent
CDP winning a Senate seat in spite of the very high CDP primary vote by
the people of NSW.  

Our results showed the CDP
vote was greater than Family First, Rise Up Australia and the CDP vote
was also greater than DLP, the Shooters and Fishers’ Party, Katter’s
Australian Party and One Nation.

Sadly, in spite of the high profile of the CDP, other Christians decided to form new Christian political parties which only helps to fragment the Christian vote so no one wins!

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC

Rev Nile with new love Silvana Nero


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