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You may have read some of the Australian mainstream media reports about the ending of Exodus and its implications. The reports are poorly researched. Ron Brookman from Living Waters is under the allusion that his outdated message will continue. I think not. (Read my 2010 report here)

Peter Stokes from the Salt Shakers clearing doesn’t have a clue obviously by his comments made to the media.


Quoting from the SMH article

Peter Stokes, chief executive of Christian ethics group Salt Shakers, said Chambers was “off the planet”.

“Alan Chambers has said I have tried this and failed, therefore it’s not possible for anybody else to come out of homosexuality,” he said.

“It’s a bit like a drug addict saying I tried to stop and I couldn’t do it so nobody else can do it.”

He accused Mr Chambers of undermining Christian values.

“It’s very sad to see a good organisation being ripped apart by one individual,” he said.

“This organization has helped many people over the years.”


I sent this to the media.

The Reverend Ron Brookman, statement that “the organisation had acknowledged damage caused by treating homosexuality as something that could be “cured” ” is untrue. There has never been an acknowledgement of harm. In fact quite the opposite. In the documentary, The Cure, he stated that he couldn’t recall a single person who had been harmed or attempted suicide.

Exodus Asia Pacific, part of the continuing Global Alliance, may have ambitions to continue perpetrate the myth that homosexuality is a choice and can be changed but the writing is on the wall (to use a biblical analogy).  

Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International research has shown that two thirds of ex-gay ministries in Australia and New Zealand disappeared in the last decade. Since that research was done anotherministry, Mosaic, disappeared after the suicide of one  of its participants, the only worker at Liberty Christian Ministries just resigned and Ministry One has also gone from the Global Alliance site as the founder and director, Simon Tinkler, came out as gay.  

The vast majority ofAustralians don’t see being gay as an issue and an increasing number of Christian churches are becoming welcoming and affirming. What’s left of the struggling Australian ex-gay organisations are swimming upstream against a tsunami.

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