I stopped counting the number of emails I get from readers when I hit 1000 some years ago. Thankfully, most are very encouraging.This one below came out of the blue, unsolicited; with no introduction, ‘Dear Anthony’ or what prompted him to send it. Quite strange considering Dr. Larry Petree has supposedly earned a Bachelor of Theology, a Master of Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctor of Theology degree.  He was also conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Sacred Music. Dr. Petree has apparently been nominated for several Dove Awards, and it has been said that he has won Songwriter of the Year awards 3 times.  Much of this is difficult to confirm but it was all on the original Wikipedia site and also Dr Petree’s site. Many of these claims are unsubstantiated.

One would think that with all that education that a more intelligent email could have been written. It certainly doesn’t say much for the educational institutions that conferred honorary degrees on him.

The first email I received was this
From: Larry Petree [mailto:larrypetree@twlakes.net]
Sent: Monday, 11 August 2008
You can actually see the demons in your eyes.  They are actually manifesting themselves.Listen, you are possessed of demon powers.  You have twisted the Bible and Manipulated  the truth of God’s word to  justify your wicked perversion.
However, you can not change God’s mind on homosexuality. You have now opened your heart to actual demons.When those demons are exercised from your soul, you will see just what you have done and  repent in tears.  The shame you are bringing to Christ will send you to hell, unless you repent and turn to Christ. But first, you must have the demons removed from your soul. 
Dr. Petree
My response Friday, September 5, 2008, 2:46 AM

Dear Larry

I normally begin my emails to strangers who contacted me with the words  “nice to hear from you”. Obviously that would not be appropriate with your email.I’m not sure exactly what has prompted you to email me. You make no mention of whether we have met or how you could have seen the demons in my eyes as you say. Possibly something on youtube?I have been very fortunate that in the 1000’s of emails I received from readers of my autobiography and people who  have seen me  in the media there have only been about a dozen nasty ones and only half of those have been vile. I think I’d have to put yours in the latter category.I see that you are a Christian song writer of some note and also an ordained minister. I didn’t see any of the love or compassion of Jesus Christ in your email; only judgment and condemnation. I hope that  you look at this and if you intend to win people to Jesus Christ as you say on your website, that you begin to show some compassion instead of unprovoked attack. There is something very religious about your words but it would have more to do with Phariseeism than Christianity. As a bible scholar, and Doctor of Divinity, I’m assuming you are aware of the difference. Although I see on your website that your Bible College sells Doctorates for only US$200…..no study required.

Dr Petree, you may have actually revealed more about yourself than you intended when you emailed me. What is the secret thing inside you that makes you feel you have to lash out at others you have never met? You may want to ponder that before you send off emails such as this.

We know from research, that those who are the most homophobic and attack gay and lesbian people are actually projecting their own self hatred on to others. It is the gayness they reject within themselves that drives them to behave in  inappropriate ways. If this is the case with you, I suggest you get some good professional help or it will create some very  serious mental health issues for you. Maybe that is happening already.

I have experienced deliverance from demons and wrote about the experience in my book. You can read the chapter here http://alifeofunlearning.com/extracts/#tab-8d57251705b63edcdd2https://goo.gl/6jByBy

I did find out through that experience that your sexual orientation is not something that is evil or needs casting out……any more than a heterosexual orientation needs casting out. Interestingly enough my sexual addiction was created by the secrecy and shame I’d attached to my same sex orientation. Once I began to love myself and  brought my secrets into  the light then the addiction died immediately.

You see……my morality is a choice. My sexual orientation however isn’t.

Maybe you’d like to talk more about your own personal issues. If not there is no need to email me as you have already made it quite clear about your personal views about me. 

Anthony Venn-Brown

Then this reply from Dr Larry Petree [mailto:larrypetree1959@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, 5 September 2008 19:43

That just might be the most stupid letter I’ve ever read.  What an exaggerated and foolish attempt to justify your wicked sins.  Bottom line is, you either repent and turn from your perversion or you will be lost forever. Enough with the nonsense and justification.  Your attack against me for standing for the bible was unfounded and silly.You can sale your wooden theological nickles to your weak followers, but not me buster. You are filled with evil spirits. I can see the evil in your eyes.  You have been turned over to demonic spirits.You should receive the award for the most stupid letter I’ve ever read.  In fact, I might just send you a Dr.s degree for stupidity.

Now, my work is to call people to Jesus.  I’m calling you to Jesus right now.  Stop attempting to cover your sins.  It is perversion and wicked what you do.

Now, I’m going to speak to you as a prophet.  You either repent of your evil sins, or you will go to hell and pay for your own sins forever.

I loved the line about me showing you love and compassion.  What a joke.  Hey dude, you don’t even feel what you do is sin.  You don’t need love and compassion, you need deliverance.  When you turn to Jesus and decide to leave your perversion, I’ll show you love.  Until then, you have had enough love, it’s time for deliverance.

Dr. Petree

I responded
To: “‘Larry Petree'” larrypetree1959@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, October 4, 2008, 10:11 AM
Dear Dr Petree

I’m fascinated…… trying to understand what it was in my email that has triggered your response. What is it that makes you read things and come up with such a warped view of the intention of the communication? Are you a troubled man?I read through my previous email just to make sure I hadn’t given the wrong impression.“Your attack against me” I can’t really see where I have attacked you. It seems from the way you write that you are the one doing the attacking.“You are filled with evil spirits. I can see the evil in your eyes.  You have been turned over to demonic spirits.”… You may have missed the part in my previous email where I suggested that this is not something that an intelligent person would write to a person they have never known or met. You still haven’t told me what prompted you emailing me in the first place and what prompted all the assumptions you’ve made about me and the life I live.

”It is perversion and wicked what you do”.  You have no idea of who I am or my morality. Shame on you for calling me wicked and perverted.

Maybe your reading of the bible is selective as was your reading of my email. The bible makes it clear there is only one judge. You haven’t been given the right to stand in judgment of others, including me. I’d like to remind you of the words of Jesus Matthew 7:1….. Judge not, that ye be not judged.

“When you turn to Jesus and decide to leave your perversion, I’ll show you love” …Once again from reading of the bible I see that Christians’ are called to reflect the love of God…which is an unconditional love…full of grace. Your statement reflects that you have much to learn about Gods love and your role as a representative of Jesus Christ.

Do you have someone you are accountable to or a denomination you belong to that I can inform them of your unsolicited communication with me. It’s highly inappropriate. I’m sure they will feel the same.

If not, it won’t be necessary to reply to this email as I am fully aware of your beliefs and spirit……both of which are quite offensive.

Anthony Venn-Brown
Unfortunately he did reply

From: Larry Petree [mailto:larrypetree1959@yahoo.com]

Sent: Sunday, 5 October 2008 03:42
To: Anthony Venn-Brow
Subject: RE: FW: Dr Petree
Listen.  You are bound by evil spirits.  Either be free, or be lost forever.
I know I shouldn’t have but I had to reply
From: Anthony Venn-Brown
Subject: RE: FW: Dr Petree
To: “‘Larry Petree'” larrypetree1959@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, October 4, 2008, 6:05 PM
You said that in the first in your first unsolicited email. What I shame I can’t report you to anyone…..seems like you are a law unto yourself. Someone needs to reel you in from your internet ravings.
Anthony VB
Last email reply from Larry said.
From: Larry Petree [mailto:larrypetree1959@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, 5 October 2008 11:22
To: Anthony Venn-Brown
Subject: RE: FW: Dr Petree
Any threats will be reported to the FBI
Interestingly, straight after our email communication he produced an online message “A Stand Against Homosexuality, in the Church” saying  he is under attack and asking for money from concerned Christians to help him destroy this evil. He seems to be have been reeled in by someone as much of his stuff has been taken off the internet including his Wikipedia entry for these reasons  after I made public his unsolicited email communications with me. You can see one of his songs We’re not Crazy on YouTube. I’m sure he didn’t get a Dove Award for this little piece he’s penned and sung.