Amplify 2012 Conference

Hong Kong 24-26 June

Asian Christianity has it’s unique challenges for LGBT people. Many LGBT people have not only cultural and family pressures but religion can compound the issues.

I am thrilled that I have been invited to speak at the Amplify 2012 Conference and will be the only representative from Australia.

This is a great opportunity to share some concepts that have been successfully used  here in Australia re creating dialogues with churches and church leaders as well as networking opportunities to explore ways Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International may be able to help in the future.

Being at a conference with such a gay icon as Bishop Gene Robinson (first openly gay Bishop in the Episcopal Church) is an additional real bonus. It’s a rare opportunity to not only be sitting under his teaching but also spent time discussing things with him and also Bishop Yvette Flunder from the US. This will be helpful to me in the work I do here in Australia. It’s always important for me, as a leader, to gain new and different perspectives from others who have been in the game longer than I have. Mixing with church leaders from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong. Philippines and Taiwan will also be useful to get a greater understanding of cultural differences and challenges being faced in Asia.

My program will include:

  • One on one time with Bishop Robinson, Bishop Flunder and other Asian church leaders before the conference
  • Participating in a Leadership Roundtable on Radical Inclusivity
  • Present a workshop on “Creating a Space for Change – being an ambassador and bridge builder”
  • Panel member on the topic of gay Christians and sexual relationships
  • After the conference I intend to meet up and network with LGBT rights groups in Hong Kong to get a feel for the challenges they face and see if there might be some way that ABBI can assist.

As you see it will be a busy and productive time. The budget for the conference has been used to cover the expenses of the speakers from the US. So I need to raise my own support. I believe it is important and strategic for me to go. Do you?.

All donations whether small ($20,$30,$50) or large ($100) are gratefully received. I do appreciate your willingness to support this project.

Anthony Venn-Brown

Founder and Director of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International

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