Two documentaries in the coming Mardi Gras Film Festival you might like to see.

 1. The Bedroom Commandments Feb 19, Cinema Paris, 2:30pm

Malcolm Burt interviews a variety of people across a range of ages, backgrounds and faiths. He interviews the non religious and ex religious as well as those currently involved in their church. He invites those still faithful to their religion to explain how they make sense of their convictions in the face of centuries of hatred and oppression. He listens to others describe years of systematic abuse and persecution by religious leaders and followers because of their sexuality. He hears stories of hidden sexuality, brutal reactions to revelations and complete loss of belief. There is anger, hope, fear and enduring faith.


                                                  Book here Sunday Feb 19, Cinema Paris, 2:30pm

                                                   See trailer here

  1. The Cure

Sunday Feb 26, Cinema Paris, 2.30pm

“The Cure” is an independent documentary film on reparative/conversion ‘therapies’ and ‘ex-gay’ programs. It explores the mental health implications of trying to “change” your sexuality and specifically the Australian ex-gay ministries that claim to ‘heal’ homosexuality. This is the first documentary glimpse into Australia’s ex-gay world, leaders and former participants. The Cure Documentary premieres at the 2012 Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney.


                                            Book here Sunday Feb 26, Cinema Paris, 2.30pm

                                                              See trailer here