ACON Honour Awards 2011

Community Hero Award
Presented by ACON
Ulo Klemmer – exceptional GLBT community health promoter, volunteer and fundraiser with over 25 years of service to the GLBT community
Gina Wilson – groundbreaking intersex rights advocate with more than 15 years of service to Australia’s intersex community
Dave Sergeant – over 35 years of service to the GLBT community as founder and director of Country Network, Australia’s oldest association for GLBT people living in regional and rural Australia
Anthony Venn Brown – founder of Freedom 2 b[e] and a leading mentor and advocate for GLBT people from Christian backgrounds.

So many in our community give many sacrificial hours of their time in service. We all do what we do because it’s important and makes a difference and not for accolades or recognition. It is extra special though when the community says “Thank you.”

My sincere congratulations to Dave Sergeant (Community Hero 2011). …..well deserved. Thirty-five years of service to our community. AMAZING. You make the rest of us feel like new kids on the block……hehe.

It’s incredible to think what challenges you and others must have faced in the mid 70’s setting up the Country Network in rural NSW when being the only gay in the village was not funny… could be frightening.

I am sure your work and vision has made an enormous difference to so many lives that previously would have been completely isolated.

Love your work!

Anthony Venn-Brown