Peter Madden, from the Christian Democratic Party has made false statements, accusations and  misrepresentations about gay and lesbian people, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex) community as a whole. In doing this he has not only offended LGBTI people but also their friends and family as well.

On you will find Peter Madden’s statements from YouTube videos, media appearances and releases.

If you feel that an apology for these is necessary then vote YES and leave comments such as are you gay, straight, friend or family member, minister or religious person.

If you leave a comment please ensure your comments are helpful and rational. There are enough angry and abusive posts on Peter’s Youtubes. If you tell Peter why it is so important to apologise in an honest but respectful way it will get a better response than getting down to the low level of name calling. Remember the enemy is ignorance.

Vote here

Did you miss the interview with Peter and I on 2GB last Saturday night? …. No problem. It has been made into a podcast. You can get the details here. You will notice that Glenn Wheeler gave Peter Madden plenty of opportunity to speak so he could dig the hole deeper.

Let’s send a message to Fred Nile, Peter Madden and the Christian Democratic Party that gay bashing, irrational statements, stereotyping, exaggeration and ignorance about sexuality will no longer tolerated. And don’t target the gay community to try and get the Christian vote.

Should Peter Madden apologise?