On the Christian Century website there is an good article about recent gay suicides and how this has caused some in the church to become more reflective about the impact of anti-gay rhetoric.  The article is called After teen suicides, gay opponents look inward
Anonymous responds
Whose hands are covered in the blood of homosexuals? Not followers of Christ. Not God. How about blaming SATAN, you’d be looking at the truth. The church is providing a way for those whom are being real with themselves to come correct and avoid a life of death. I find it MOST interesting that the liberal media and other forces in the world arena are attacking the Bible and blaming the Bible for the suicides of gay youth, when in actually look at the above link, read about statistics and you come to your own conclusion about reality. The gay community is not facing the death issue in their own backyard but trying to place blame elsewhere. I am not buying it.Then another anonymous UU replies…....I THOUGHT IT WAS BRILLIANT.

What I don’t understand is………..thoughts from a UU.
Posted by Anonymous on Oct 19, 2010 – 05:22 pm.

  • Why is this even an issue?
  • How is it reasonable to try to save someone from going to hell because they are gay by tormenting them to the point of suicide? Also frowned upon last I checked.
  • What does your god say about torment and persecution?
  • How does it affect you in any way if a person is gay or not?
  • WWJD?
  • When did compassion make it’s exit from Christianity?
  • When did it become your job to judge?
  • Who empowered you to be the authority on what god meant?
  • Why can’t we acknowledge that the human’s who wrote the bible texts may have been fallible/biased/ignorant?
  • Why can’t you just let people live their own lives, not hurting anyone, falling in love with who they fall in love with and let them have their day of judgment (if that exists as you say it does) with your god (if he exists as you say he does)?
  • Do you believe that he is incapable of handling his judicial position? Why do feel he needs your assistance with judgment here?
  • Why can’t you acknowledge that the fact that you believe something doesn’t make it a universal truth for everyone?
  • Why does a legal document in a country that boasts religious freedom have to conform to the specific definition of marriage as defined by a particular religion?
  • Why can’t a person get married in their accepting faith and have it honored by the government, and if the Christian (or any other religion) church doesn’t honor it, so be it?