The ‘100 Revs’ Statement

Saturday, February 2, 2008

As ministers of various churches and denominations we recognise that the churches we belong to, and the church in general, have not been places of welcome for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people. Indeed the church has often been profoundly unloving toward the GLBT community. For these things we apologise, whatever the distinctive of our Christian position on human sexuality – to which we remain committed. We are deeply sorry and ask for the forgiveness of the GLBT community. We long that the church would be a place of welcome for all people and commit ourselves to pursuing this goal.

We ARE a group of Christian ministers who voluntarily and individually bring this apology.

We ARE NOT official representatives of our churches or denominations.

We ARE NOT making a statement on the biblical position on gay and lesbian relationships.

We ARE recognising the lack of hospitality, care and welcome that the churches have offered the gay and lesbian community.

Here are the 100 Ministers who signed the apology

  1. Brother Andrew Blair EFO
  2. Brother Jon Owen
  3. Captain Janet Staines
  4. Captain Phil Staines
  5. Dr Les Fussell
  6. Father Bill G
  7. Father Dave Smith
  8. Father Iain Radvan s.j
  9. Father Tony Joseph Newman
  10. Pastor Adam Smits
  11. Pastor Andrew Park
  12. Pastor Anthea Smits
  13. Pastor Cameron Burgess
  14. Pastor David Ayliffe
  15. Pastor Digby Hannah
  16. Pastor Doug Faircloth
  17. Pastor Graeme Frauenfelder
  18. Pastor Jarrod McKenna
  19. Pastor John Bond
  20. Pastor Joseph Thomas-Kerr
  21. Pastor Julie Brackenreg
  22. Pastor Michael Hercock
  23. Pastor Mike Hardy
  24. Pastor Neal Taylor
  25. Pastor Neil Jansons
  26. Pastor Penny Davis
  27. Pastor Randy Edwards
  28. Pastor Rick Lewis
  29. Pastor Rick Viede
  30. Pastor Robert Clark
  31. Pastor Tony Crossett
  32. Pastor Tracey Wright
  33. Pastor Wayne Jeffrey
  34. Rev Andrew Collis
  35. Rev Andrew Woff
  36. Rev Andy Collins
  37. Rev Ann Lock
  38. Rev Anne Mallaby
  39. Rev Anne Wilkinson-Hayes
  40. Rev Anthony McCarthy
  41. Rev Barrie Sutton
  42. Rev Beryl Turner
  43. Rev Bill Lawton
  44. Rev Blair Cameron
  45. Rev Brent Lyons Lee
  46. Rev Bryan McClelland
  47. Rev Carolyn J. Francis
  48. Rev Chris Bedding
  49. Rev Clive Norton
  50. Rev Clive Watkins
  51. Rev Daryl Gardiner
  52. Rev Don Wright
  53. Rev Dr Christopher Page
  54. Rev Dr Colin Hunter
  55. Rev Dr Garry J. Deverell
  56. Rev Dr Ian Tozer
  57. Rev Dr Jason John
  58. Rev Dr Rowland Croucher
  59. Rev Eileen Ray
  60. Rev Emma Walsh
  61. Rev Francis Chalwell
  62. Rev Gerry Ball
  63. Rev Glen Powell
  64. Rev Graham Long
  65. Rev Heather McClelland
  66. Rev Ian Pearson
  67. Rev Jim Barr
  68. Rev John Connor
  69. Rev Judy Redman
  70. Rev Karl Hand
  71. Rev Kevin D Crinks
  72. Rev Lance Lawton
  73. Rev Les Chatwin
  74. Rev Linda Anchell
  75. Rev Linda Young
  76. Rev Mark Dunn
  77. Rev Meewon Yang
  78. Rev Melissa Baker
  79. Rev Nathan Nettleton
  80. Rev Newton Daddow
  81. Rev Nick Jensen
  82. Rev Paul Emerson Teusner
  83. Rev Peter Breen
  84. Rev Peter Holden
  85. Rev Peter Los
  86. Rev Peter Maher
  87. Rev Rainer Schack
  88. Rev Rex Hackett
  89. Rev Richard Mallaby
  90. Rev Robert Holland
  91. Rev Robyn Richardson
  92. Rev Ron Ham
  93. Rev Rowena Curtis
  94. Rev Scott Combridge
  95. Rev Scott Higgins
  96. Rev Simon Moyle
  97. Rev Steve Warren
  98. Rev Sue Emeleus
  99. Rev Tom Pardy
  100. Sister Meg Britton