In 2004, the Australian Federal Government (the only country in the world to do this) passed a bill banning the recognition of same sex marriages, therefore enshrining discrimation as a law. At the National Day of Action Freedon 2 b(e) showed our support, along with other gay community groups for the repeal of the ban and the equal recognition of our relationships and families.

We come from different political affiliations and may have different opionions on Gay Marriage but this piece of legislation blocked the opportunity for people in the gay and lesbian community from having a choice. We are supposed to be living in a democratic country. This legislation has also sent a message to the broader community that there is something second rate about our relationships. We don’t quite make the grade and gay and lesbian couples that have been together for years, their relationship is not valid. Love, commitment, trust and respect are what heterosexual and homosexual relationships are built on. There is no difference.