Exodus to Nowhere – the quest to cure queers

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EXODUS TO NOWHERE The quest to cure queers There is a commonly held belief that gay conversion programs began in the United States. This is not true. Four years before Exodus was founded, in 1972, in Sydney Australia, Anthony Venn-Brown was in a residential program to change his sexual orientation. Working on his current book [...]

Walking Between Worlds Seminar

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Please register your interest for upcoming seminars HERE Calling all counsellors (youth, telephone, school) and social/health-care/youth/community/LGBTI workers, pastors, church leaders, chaplains and mental health professionals. #WalkingBetweenWorlds is a  specifically designed training program. In one day you can get an insider and in-depth view into the complexities, conflicts and challenges for LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, [...]

Stories from “A Life on Unlearning” 3rd edition launch

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One of the first emails I received after A Life of Unlearning was released only in Australia in 2004 My mum sent me a copy of your book' A Life Of Unlearning'. I was really blown away by it. I grew up in a Pentecostal AOG church. By the age of 13 I was quite heavily [...]

Remember * Encourage * Celebrate – A Vigil this Saturday #Vigil4Hope

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Living Waters Australia (LWA), one of Australia's foremost and longest running ex-gay/conversion therapy programs, closes this Saturday with a Thanksgiving Service. At the same time a vigil (#‎Vigil4Hope) is being held at Taylor Square, Sydney, to not only remember those who have taken their own lives because of ex-gay/conversion programs but also highlight the toll [...]

Never before in Australia – homosexuality, gender indentity and Christianity

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Never before in Australia has such a broad range of people come together to discuss homosexuality, gender identity and Christianity. A Different Conversation provides a respectful space to talk about LGBT people both in and out of the church in order to bring greater understanding. A Different Conversation has an enormous range of twenty, yes [...]

Historic chapter in LGBTI history closes in Sydney

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182 Campbell Street Darlinghurst is an historic place. Many know it as Table for 20, a popular Italian community dining experience but that is not what made it historic to the LGBTI community. It was actually owned by the Baptist Union of NSW and was the home of Imagine Church and central to many activities. [...]

PRESENTATION: Creating a Space for Change – this Sunday 20 October 7:00pm Glebe

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Historically, engagement between the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) community and the Christian church has been volatile. Little progress has been made when either side have maintained entrenched attitudes and beliefs. One side being called faggots, perverts and abominations whilst the other side labelled haters, bigots and homophobes. Tired clichés of "Love the sinner, hate [...]

‘Homosexuality, Christianity and the Church – resolving the conflicts’ Seminar

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‘Homosexuality, Christianity and the Church - resolving the conflicts’ is a seminar that helps people find answers to one of the most controversial topics in the church.History tells us the Christian church has not always shown God’s unconditional love and at times was the last to accept that all human beings should be treated equally. [...]

Freedom 2 b(e) Marches in the National Day of Action

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In 2004, the Australian Federal Government (the only country in the world to do this) passed a bill banning the recognition of same sex marriages, therefore enshrining discrimation as a law. At the National Day of Action Freedon 2 b(e) showed our support, along with other gay community groups for the repeal of the ban [...]