A sobering message on World Suicide Prevention Day – LGBTI suicide

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Research demonstrates something I have been pointing out for many years now. That is, that LGBTI people of faith and religion experience the usual issues of resolving their sexuality or gender identity, coming out, finding their place in the community and learning what it means to live authentically in a predominately straight world. These things [...]

‘Welcoming, but not affirming’: being gay and Christian

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‘Welcoming, but not affirming’: being gay and Christian August 30, 2016 1.11pm AEST on The Conversation Author Mark Jennings   Lecturer in Religious Studies, Murdoch University It may seem like LGBT people and conservative Christians inhabit two different worlds. But with 40% of same sex couples in Australia identifying as Christian, LGBT people are likely to [...]

Australian Anti-gay Group, Salt Shakers, to Close

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The Salt Shakers, a right wing Christian organisation, has announced in a private letter to their supporters they will cease operations in Australia. The organisation,  like the Australian Christian Lobby, have been relentless in their opposition to anything LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender)  including Mardi Gras, the Safe Schools programme, marriage equality and same sex [...]

More on Orlando

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It's been an emotional morning. I find myself moving in and out of tears today as I think of the horror of over 50 people massacred in the Orlando gay nightclub, Pulse. And with so many shocking injuries, the death toll could rise. Our gay venues have been places of safety, refuge and celebration. These [...]

IDAHOT 2106 Four factors

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IDAHOT - International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. We often think of homophobia  existing  in others. Only straight people are homophobic. But for years, many of us suffered from internalized homophobia. Even coming out does not automatically deal with the damage years of negative conditioning has created. For some it continues to play havoc with [...]