The Quest to Cure Queers

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'Exodus to Nowhere - the quest to cure queers' tells the whole story about the rise and fall of ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy. This will be a significant work for several reasons. The author's lived experience - born in 1951 and in a gay conversion therapy residential program 4 years before Exodus was founded. The author's unique [...]

The Sunday Sessions: Conversion Therapy Documentary (review)

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The most valuable thing that The Sunday Sessions has going for it is that it is documenting of an era. Even though this is one individual’s personal journey it represents an era when religious groups and individuals believed gay people could be turned straight. The ‘change is possible’ belief and practice has not entirely disappeared [...]

Postal Survey Survival Guide on This Way Out

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Following an update on the marriage equality campaign in AUSTRALIA (with a brief excerpt from MACKLEMORE and MARY LAMBERT controversially performing "Save Love" at the National Rugby League Grand Final in Sydney; and comments by DR. JOHN McALOON of the University of Technology, Sydney on ABC’s "The World Today" program), "This Way Out" correspondent BARRY McKAY [...]


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The Quest to Cure Queers A personal and behind the scenes account of the history of gay conversion therapy REGISTER NOW Ex-gay ministries have blood on their hands, definitely. I was seventeen and I was very screwed up and was attempting suicide because I was confused. I am only alive now because I am rather [...]

The No Campaign: Scaremongering 10/10 – Originality 0/10

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Fear is a powerful force. Ask any gay or lesbian person. Fear kept many of us locked in closets for years. Marketers know how powerful fear is as a motivator that can sell virtually anything including  tires,  insurance, even breakfast cereal and deodorant. We purchase  things that previously were considered unnecessary: antibacterial soap, alarm systems, [...]

Small Conversions, Big Victories

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Small Conversions, Big Victories by John Corvino First published at on July 9, 2007 If I were the religious type, I might be preparing for Armageddon right now. You see, last weekend my partner Mark and I drove out to his parents' house to help with yard work. This in itself would be unremarkable [...]

‘Ludicrous practice’ of gay conversion therapy to be scrutinised

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‘Ludicrous practice’ of gay conversion therapy to be scrutinised Thursday 21 September 2017 6:30pm By Shalailah Medhora Western Australia and the ACT will re-examine their existing laws on so-called “gay conversion therapy” to see if they need strengthening. But opponents of the practice say governments should focus their attention on an un-regulated counselling sector first, [...]

The Marriage Equality Postal Survey is…..

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The Marriage Equality Postal Survey DOES NOT challenge 'traditional marriage'. What is 'traditional marriage?' Marriage has evolved many times over thousands of years and I'm sure even the conservatives are grateful it has. 'Biblical marriage' over millennium, women married their rapists or the men who enslaved them. Multiple wives (polygamy) was standard. 'Traditionally' as well [...]