Open letter to straight Christian allies

By | February 25th, 2017|Church|

Since beginning the work of bridge building and reaching out to ministers, church leaders and Christians, I have seen many come to new understanding of sexuality, gender identity, the LGBTI community and our relationships. Whenever they publicly declared their change in beliefs and support for the LGBTI community it was not uncommon for them to [...]

George Michael and lessons from the closet

By | December 29th, 2016|General, LGBTI|

Hate is a word you’ll rarely hear me use. Not even in relation to brussels sprouts, Trump or the Australian Christian Lobby. Intense dislike is about the strongest you'd get from me. However, one thing I do hate is the closet. I hate the closet because of what it did to me for over two [...]

ABBI’s CEO’s Annual Report

By | December 19th, 2016|Uncategorized|

Two weeks ago, Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International had its Annual General Meeting.  I have attached the CEO’s report which reviews what transpired for us 1 July 2015 through to 30 June 2016. It was definitely a year of progress. Along with our regular activities of: Radio and print media interviews Articles written for the [...]

Great opportunity – urgent appeal

By | November 29th, 2016|Uncategorized|

I’ve just been notified that the Gay Christian Network  (GCN) would like me to give two presentations at the upcoming conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the beginning of January. GCN is the largest organisation of its kind and the annual conference has grown to over 1,500 attendees including LGBTI people, their allies and friends. The [...]

My Deep Water, a murder and A Life of Unlearning

By | November 8th, 2016|A Life of Unlearning, Church, General|

Australians have recently been exposed to the chilling real-life drama series, Deep Water, and subsequent documentary. Deep Water is based on the true stories of over 80 gay men who were murdered in Sydney in the 1980’s and 1990’s [1].Thirty of these cases remain unsolved [2]. Many of the original cases were written off as suicides [...]

“Doctor, Am I Gay?” A Primer on Sexual Identities

By | November 1st, 2016|LGBTI, News article|

“Doctor, Am I Gay?” A Primer on Sexual Identities Psychiatric Times October 28, 2016 | Gender Issues, Cultural Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Social Behavior By Jack Drescher, MD It is not unusual for patients to seek consultation with psychiatrists and other mental health professionals with questions about their sexuality. These questions can arise irrespective of age, gender, [...]

Exodus to Nowhere – the quest to cure queers

By | November 1st, 2016|A Life of Unlearning, Conversion therapy, Event|

EXODUS TO NOWHERE The quest to cure queers There is a commonly held belief that gay conversion programs began in the United States. This is not true. Four years before Exodus was founded, in 1972, in Sydney Australia, Anthony Venn-Brown was in a residential program to change his sexual orientation. Working on his current book [...]