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The Sy Rogers Story (An Anthony Venn-Brown Perspective)

sy rogersSy Rogers is a gifted communicator and has powerful story of redemption from a very troubled life. Our dialogue has been limited but has always been gracious and respectful. I’d heard many negative things about Sy but our meeting in Sydney in 2007 dispelled some of these.

When Sy was converted in the late 70’s, even though homosexuality had been removed from the list of psychological disorders and laws were changing that had classed gay men as criminals, there was still a great deal of ignorance and misinformation about sexual orientation. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the church.

I was converted in 1969 when the concept of a gay Christian was inconceivable and my life was understandably steered in a particular direction; to try and change who I was. Even when I resigned from the ministry in 1991, I was only aware of two options.

1. Try and be heterosexual and you’ll get to heaven (which hadn’t worked for the previous 22 years) or

2. Accept your homosexuality and you will go to hell.

Was I becoming a Christian today I hope that my pastor would be well informed enough to help me see that my morality is a choice but my sexual orientation isn’t and that I could lead a life that honoured God as a gay young man. Today there are many fine gay Christians and a growing number of churches which welcome and affirm them.

You’ll find that many speak of Sy as an ‘ex-gay’ and that he preaches a re-orientation message. I don’t believe Sy would use that term ‘ex-gay’ to describe himself or believes that people need to be ‘healed’ of their homosexuality. His message these days is healing for all both gay and straight; a person’s sexual orientation is not the issue. I trust that these insights help dispel some of the confusion and bring a more balanced view of Sy’s journey and ministry.

The Complexities of the Sy Rogers Story

1. Homosexuality vs trangenderism

To listen, in length, to the Sy story is to realise that it is not a simple story of gay man becomes straight. Firstly, Sy is transgender and was preparing for gender reassignment surgery before he was converted (“I attempted to have a sex change, and I lived as a woman for eighteen months in preparation for an operation”). Transgenderism occurs in the womb and remains with a person throughout life. If you are well informed about sexual orientation and what it means to be transgender, then you will be aware that sexual orientation and gender identity are two different wiring systems in the brain. For example, some transgender men are sexually attracted to women and some to men. This is often confusing for heterosexuals to understand as their brains are aligned harmoniously with their gender identity.Sy lived as a woman for some time and was in the process of seeking gender re-assignment surgery when he became a Christian. Throw into his story years of rejection, bullying, sexual abuse, a self destructive lifestyle (not an exclusively homosexual experience), meaningless sexual encounters and a dysfunctional family upbringing (mother was an alcoholic) then it becomes a maze of issues. The sexual abuse issues are the ones Sy has most recently had to resolve. Probably the miracle in Sy’s Rogers story is similar to mine: we are still alive to tell the story.

Problems develop when Sy speaks to church audiences who are relatively uneducated about sexuality and transgenderism. I’m sure there are still are large number of people in churches who naively believe all homosexual men want to dress and live as a woman and all lesbians wish they could be men. This is far from reality for the average gay man or lesbian. When uninformed Christians, with an already negative attitude towards homosexuality, hear Sy’s story, it’s easy for them to come up with false assumptions. 1+1=3.

2. Terminology

Different terms appear in Sy’s story, homosexual, gay, transsexual, transgender, all mixed together and are hard for the average person to separate. One of the myths often presented in many church cultures is that ALL gay men and lesbians are highly immoral, drug taking reprobates who live a ‘homosexual lifestyle’. Sy’s story carries much of that stereotype which, for those of us who are a part of the gay community(as opposed to the ‘gay scene’), know is only reflective of a subculture and once again not exclusively homosexual. Heterosexuals live the same ‘lifestyle’.

3. Does Marriage = Heterosexual?

My assumption is that Sy would not actually claim that he is totally heterosexual today, but, because he is married to a woman, many would try and tell us that this indicates a change in sexual orientation. “Heterosexual functionality’ is not being heterosexual any many more than heterosexual men engaging in same sex activity in prison makes them homosexual. I’ve never met an ‘ex-gay’ who can honestly say their orientation, instincts, fantasies and desires are now completely heterosexual. In other words, that they think and function as normal heterosexual men. I was also married to a woman for 16 years and fathered children but it didn’t make me straight. You can change behaviours, control thoughts, resist temptations and lessen same sex opportunities but you can’t change inbuilt orientation. There is a substantial amount of scientific research that demonstrates this. Sy has chosen to be in a heterosexual marriage. I have to respect Sy and his wife’s choice and anyone else who chooses to live that way.

Personally, at the age of 40, I could no longer live with the inconsistency of presenting one thing to those around me and being another person inside. It was unsustainable and the disconnect created unhealthy behaviours and mental health issues. (For a detailed article on this go to ‘Situational Heterosexuality’)

The Ambiguities

To assume that Sy is an ‘ex-gay’ and that he believes all gay men and lesbians must become heterosexual raises several ambiguities.

  1. Ambiguity No. 1. Sy has not been on the board of Exodus for quite some time. Possibly not actively involved at a board level for 15 years. He has spoken at some Exodus conferences though. He is last mentioned on the history page of their website in 1996.
  2. Ambiguity No. 2. The Sy Rogers website makes no mention of homosexuality or ex-gay ministries. Surely if Sy was a leader in the ex-gay message his personal website would indicate that.
  3. Ambiguity No. 3. The Choices ex-gay ministry established by Sy (I believe), at the Singaporean Church of Our Saviour in 1991 still exists. Sy has not been involved for many years and his name not mentioned on records of it’s history.
  4. Ambiguity No. 4. Sitting in the Sense and Sexuality Seminar at Hillsong in 2007, Sy spoke about purity of thought life, addictions, sexual abuse and wholeness without ever identifying heterosexuality as being more wholesome than homosexuality. I can’t really remember the word homosexual being used at the seminar. (Although he did mention those words of course when he told his story at the Sunday services). At the Sense & Sexuality Seminar, he spoke only of living a life that is pleasing to God and healthy for the individual. Was that because I’d been sitting with him in the front row of the church and he was choosing to used generalist wording? I tend to think not.

What about Sy Roger’s books, tapes and videos?

There are still Sy Rogers videos and publications out there which tell a different story and people promote him as an ‘ex-gay’. It’s been over two decades now since some of that original material was created and during that time there has been much scientific research on the subject of sexual orientation. It’s unfortunate that these outdated resources are being used to promote a falsehood that God miraculously makes gay people straight and they will one day marry someone of the opposite sex.Tragically some Pastors, Christian parents, friends and Christian ministries have used and continue to use these materials to push their own agenda and will make statements such as “if Sy Rogers can change then so can you, you just have to be willing and have faith”. This has resulted in untold suffering, mental health issues and even suicides.

When I met with Sy in 2007 one of the first things he said to me was “I no longer preach a re-orientation message”. As our meeting was confidential I didn’t feel at liberty to share this publicly. It was up to Sy to make this known. Over the years a number of ministers have told me that Sy made the same statement to them. There have been repeated, respectful requests for Sy to publicly make known his new belief but these have been ignored. Maybe Sy is more concerned about the impact this “turn around” will have on his preaching ministry?

Personally, if I knew that my outdated materials were contributing to the breakdown of relationships with Christian parents and their children, depression, mental health issues, thoughts of and attempts to suicide, I’d be horrified and do all I could to correct that. It just requires a simple statement.

Just the other day I received an email from a young man, now living as an openly gay Christian who told me that his parents forced him to listen to Sy Rogers tapes. Far from being helpful, he says these caused great internal conflict and depression. Because he has accepted the fact that he is gay, he no longer has a relationship with his parents who still hold on to their original position “If Sy can change so can you. You are not trying hard enough”.

I’m currently working with a 40 year old man who has been involved in Exodus here in Australia for 20 years and used to promote the Sy Rogers story and resources. His words to me tell it all. ‘I was sold a very cruel lie’. One his wife and children are currently trying to painfully unravel.

Finally, I do wonder, considering the recent growth of the Gay Christian movement and that many more churches have become welcoming of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender  people, that if Sy had been converted today instead of three decades ago, if his journey might have been a very different one.

If you have been negatively influenced in the past by Sy Rogers, tapes, video’s or published materials then I would like to hear from you. Maybe Church leaders or family members have given you Sy’s books , videos or tapes telling you that Sy Rogers proves you can change your sexual orientation. If you have a Sy Rogers story to tell then please email me personally .

This will be a confidential conversation and nothing shared with anyone else without your express permission. Your help is appreciated.

Alternatively you can leave a comment below.

© Anthony Venn-Brown

Author of A Life of Unlearning – a preacher’s struggle with his homosexuality, church and faith

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About the Author:

Anthony Venn-Brown
Anthony Venn-Brown is one of Australia’s foremost commentators on faith and sexuality. His best-selling autobiography 'A Life of Unlearning – a preacher’s struggle with his homosexuality, church and faith', details his journey from being one of the first in the world to experience religious gay conversion therapy, becoming a married, high profile preacher in Australia's growing mega-churches, such as Hillsong, to living as an openly gay man. Anthony was the co-founder and former leader of Freedom2b. He is an educator and consultant on LGBT/faith issues and leader in deconstructing the ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy myth. Anthony is the founder and CEO of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International. Anthony has been recognised on a number of occassions for his contribution and impact including being twice voted one of 'The 25 Most Influential Gay and Lesbian Australians’.


  1. fyre_krystal October 2, 2010 at 1:16 am - Reply

    Well that brings clarity. Thank you so much for posting this Anthony 🙂

  2. Anthony Venn-Brown October 3, 2010 at 12:09 am - Reply

    thanks fyre……I think there is an enormous amount of confusion about Sy's story….and about time someone made things a bit clearer.

  3. Denny November 13, 2010 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    So many of my family members and pastor friends use Sy's testimony to "prove" that a GAY person needs to renounce his sin and if he does that he can be STRAIGHT! Thanks for posting this and putting the record straight Anthony! (forgive the pun) One day soon I will tell you of my own interesting developments on the path to "authenticity". Its exciting!
    THank you too for the part you have played in that journey. Blessings! Denis

  4. Anthony Venn-Brown January 30, 2011 at 3:53 am - Reply

    I hope you are able to direct them to this article Denny which hopefully will mean they are more intelligently informed

  5. Dennis June 12, 2011 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    Listened to Sy speak this morning and your post here completely skews what he teaches. I would recommend you go back and read/listen to his materials again. Maybe sit down and have a talk with the man before misrepresenting him as a whole.

    • Celeste July 3, 2015 at 12:16 am - Reply

      Yes, I agree that Mr Venn-Brown has misrepresented sy.

      • Anthony Venn-Brown
        Anthony Venn-Brown July 3, 2015 at 3:58 pm - Reply

        Hi Celeste. Thanks for your comment. I actually ran this article by Sy Rogers before i posted it and asked if he wanted to change anything. There was no reply.

    • Anthony Venn-Brown
      Anthony Venn-Brown July 3, 2015 at 3:52 pm - Reply

      I did write this after sitting down and speaking to Sy and after sitting through his sexuality seminar at Hillsong

  6. Anthony Venn-Brown June 13, 2011 at 2:59 am - Reply

    I have sat down and had a talk with him actually Dennis. Maybe what he says privately behind closed doors and what he says from the pulpit are two different things. But only Sy can fix that. Our agreement was that the content of our conversation was confidential.

  7. Anonymous July 12, 2011 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Read the Bible People!
    What kind of Bible do you have?
    To be gay is a sin you guys! The same as stealing and killing, etc….
    Romans 1:27-28
    1 Corinthians 6:9-11

    • Els Hunt January 24, 2016 at 2:12 am - Reply

      Actually, you are wrong about that! I am a conservative evangelical and I don’t support Anthony Venn Brown’s view-at all! However, feelings and orientation are totally different to the act of homosexuality! Nowhere in the bible does it condemn feelings. Someone can be a porn addict, get free from it and make a choice not to practice it. They will probably be tempted, but that is not a sin. To give in is a sin! I can be a single heterosexual (as many are) and choose to live a life of celibacy, for whatever reason (maybe no suitable partners), but does that mean I will never have the temptation to satisfy my sexual desires?? of course not! Does that mean I am a sinner?? only in as far as we are all sinners, but not in the temptation itself! Please get your theology right before you make these comments, which aren’t at all helpful!!!!

  8. Anthony Venn-Brown July 13, 2011 at 3:46 am - Reply

    Hehe…..why is it always an anonymous person who leaves comments like this.

    I guess my response to this would be. Yes we have read the bible……but not just an English translation. We have also studied the historical and cultural contexts and also the original languages…….and that is why we have such a different understanding. No where……and I mean no where in the bible does it say to be gay is a sin. I think you need to do more research.

  9. Gal_Friday April 23, 2012 at 8:30 pm - Reply

    Well, if Mr. Rogers hasn't officially disavowed his former position re: the possibility and desirability of changing people from gay to straight, then there's no reason not to believe it's still one of his goals. Perhaps he's realized this angle doesn't sell as well as it once did…but I see no reason to believe he's actually changed his stance.

  10. Anthony Venn-Brown April 24, 2012 at 1:19 am - Reply

    True Gal_friday. have you had any connection with Mr Rogers

  11. Jeff May 13, 2012 at 3:12 am - Reply

    Anthony Venn-Brown: Responding to the "I guess my response to this would be…." statement above, do you have a blog post about the cultural contexts and the original languages? This issue has been heavy on my heart, as I don't want to falsely say either way, "homosexual acts are a sin" or "homosexual acts are not a sin".

    Currently, I do view it as a sin based on my reading of scripture- but I love and care for those who are gay – by not being judgmental, talking with them, and introducing them to the Word of God – the rest is up to God (I am not so ignorant as to think I'm able to save anyone). We don't get to Heaven by 'acting good', we get to Heaven by repenting of our sin and recognizing Christ has paid the ultimate price for our salvation – and follow Him and His plan for our life.

    I look forward to your reply!

  12. Anonymous November 3, 2012 at 11:42 am - Reply

    hello anthony venn brown. i know all about sy rogers. i knew exodus helpers in melbourne. and i over looked some of sy rogers material a long while ago. yet it can be very destructive if people think it is possible to change. from gay to straight. i really was a fool living a unrealistic dream. that would never be. diversity is where i am now. thankyou anthony from m

  13. Anonymous June 23, 2014 at 1:39 am - Reply

    I attend a pentecostal church in Australia. I have been open and honest with my church with what I'm going through, they reword things to suit themselves, they say you're not gay you just struggle with "homosexual attraction" when I try to explain the things that I'm going through and my orientation (the idea of being with a woman is unnatural for me) as unnatural as their viewpoint of me only wanting to be with a man. I'm not very eloquent against their arguing with scripture. So I've reverted to accepting the things they say, and burying my head in the sand. But they have been getting me to watch DVDS from Sy Rogers and telling me God can use me like their using him to bring hope and freedom from homosexuality. It's all so overwhelming. I feel like my life is on a downward spiral, I feel depressed, persecuted and suppressed from who I truly am. I know my spiritual identity and my sexual identity are inseparable. I don't really know what to do? I'm not living or adopting an explicit gay lifestyle but I feel so hindered that I could never have a normal happy relationship.

    • Anthony Venn-Brown June 22, 2015 at 2:55 am - Reply

      Sy I hope you are reading about the impact your message is having "I feel like my life is on a downward spiral, I feel depressed, persecuted and suppressed from who I truly am. I know my spiritual identity and my sexual identity are inseparable. I don't really know what to do?"

  14. Anonymous June 21, 2015 at 5:57 am - Reply

    In John 14 it say, Whatever you ask in my Name I will do it for you. "In the name of Jesus Christ, I hate this desire for homosexual attraction – I hate it Lord. Please in the name of Jesus Christ, take it away. – Note: homosexuality is a sin there is no doubt about that, the same as stealing, lying or whatever. You can come against the stronghold in the mighty name of Jesus Christ – get to the root of your issues by the name and blood of Jesus Christ and you will overcome. The enemy will try and bring back desires, but you will see tremendous results by coming every day until you know it is gone and crying out to our great and mighty God – remember, apply the blood of Jesus Christ, ask for His Holy warring angels to be dispatched around you – underneath, below, above and on all sides, come to the Father through the name of Jesus Christ and you will find the burdens lifted at Calvary. AMEN. We don't have to argue about this issue of homosexuality or lesbianism – they come from unnatural desires and are certainly not of God. Adam and Steve cannot be married and have any babies and family together.

    • Anthony Venn-Brown June 22, 2015 at 3:18 am - Reply

      you have a lot of religious cliches (christianese) in your comment anonymous. It's not unnatural, a preference, an abomination, sin etc it's an orientation. Not sure what country you are from but in many parts of the world Adam and Steve are getting married, having children and raising wonderful loving, caring, supportive families together……as are Emma and Eve

  15. Rob Messmer July 5, 2015 at 10:19 am - Reply

    Sy truly is one of the best communicators I have ever listened to and one of my favourite words he uses often is “Hellavision” Sadly I have not heard him speak about the television in much depth. Is there a sermon on that subject and if no then why not. I am raising 3 Grandchildren and would love some input so as to bring them up more in the way that God would have it done.
    Thank you

  16. Anthony Venn-Brown
    Anthony Venn-Brown January 26, 2016 at 9:04 pm - Reply

    “Then one weekend, my church invited Sy Rogers, an ex-gay pastor, to talk to us about “sexual brokenness.” Rogers shared his personal story of how God helped him abandon his homosexual ways. He even got married and had a kid. It was the perfect story of redemption. As an impressionable teen, I was entranced by his life-altering story.

    When Rogers called for those who needed to be prayed for, I went forth. Come to think of it, that moment was essentially my first coming out experience. Sure I felt exposed, but at the same time, relieved too. Like homosexuality was a disease, and my desperate confession to God was the cure.

    But after a week or so, I slipped back to feeling those sinful urges. My same-sex attraction didn’t just go away in the name of God. There ain’t no miracle.

    In secret, I continued my prayers to be healed.”

  17. Greg March 8, 2016 at 9:41 am - Reply

    G’day Anthony. I’m enjoying your perspective on this debate, despite my discomfort with it. Probably because I don’t know your story.

    Part of my story is that my first wife left me for another woman. Consequently, I have no qualms about ‘judging’ the homosexual lifestyle. But that’s my problem.

    A few things are clear to me:-
    – Homosexuality is not biological. If it was, then ‘natural selection’ would have made the ‘gay gene’ extinct thousands of years ago (children only come from heterosexual relationships)
    – My observation is that a dominant causal pattern for homosexuality or gender confusion usually involves some childhood environment conditions and/or trauma. So devastating is this that the effects are life altering (something to do with brain wiring and the like, details of which are outside by area of expertise). The observed end result are behaviours that are almost impossible to let go of.
    – We are saved by grace through faith alone. And even our faith is a gift, so none may boast. Christ did it all. How much of our sin was yet future when Christ died on the cross? All of it.
    – Does a sinner continue to sin after they have been saved? Of course. What begins the moment we are saved is that the Holy Spirit takes up residence in us and starts to change us. One thing is certain;- we cannot change ourselves. The big things in our lives (homosexuality, pornography, promiscuity, adultery, whatever) will continue to reign so long as we try to ‘fix’ them ourselves. And even then, healing can take a long time. At least that is my experience.
    – Acts15:29 says that if we abstain from sexual immorality, we will do well. Thank God our salvation doesn’t depend on it.

    • Anthony Venn-Brown
      Anthony Venn-Brown March 8, 2016 at 11:17 pm - Reply

      Hi Greg…I can appreciate how difficult it is having your wife leave you for another woman. I don’t know the specifics of your situations but I do know it is hard for us all. For the gay or lesbian person they know that being honest with themselves and others will mean they will hurt the people they love the most. Often after coming out the gay person is praised for their courage and honesty but the straight spouse is left alone. Some close by feed their anger….others remain silent as they dont know what to say. The straight spouse is also often left with lots of questions, a sense of betrayal and doubts about their own sense of self. One day hopefully gay and lesbian people will marry their own kind and not feel pressure to conform or feel that a heterosexual marriage will solve their ‘problem’.

      I”d like to respond to a few of your statements if I may. I hope this helps.
      Homosexuality has many biological components as research has shown. It appears to be prenatal. A combination of genetics and hormones. that is why you get more gay children being born down the mothers line of the family (genetics play a part in that). There is a higher rate of left-handedness amongst the gay population than heterosexual(genetics play a part in that). With identical twins the is a higher rate of them both being gay than happens with non-identical twins (genetics play a part in that). But not all identical twins will both be gay. They will also have different fingerprints and other variations which demonstrates the complexities with genetics.

      “My observation is that a dominant causal pattern for homosexuality or gender confusion usually involves some childhood environment conditions and/or trauma” This was the theory for many decades 50’s and 60’s it was most popular and was taken up by the religious world after mental health professionals discovered it was not the case. Hence the creation of ex-gay organisations, reparative/conversion theory etc. It took them another 4 decades to realise they were wrong about that and the research was right. There are a few people who still hold on to the concept however.

      To respond to other comments you’ve made I think I’d like to simply say “My faith and morality are choices, my sexual orientation however isn’t.”

  18. Lou Bourassa August 26, 2016 at 9:57 pm - Reply

    Thanks so much, Anthony for your courage in finding a life that is true to yourself and your immense bravery in sharing your story. I am so grateful that there are people like you that young men and women can turn to and find out that they are okay, exactly the way they are. One of the reason I walked away from the church many ears ago was because of the attitudes towards homosexuality. I am primarily straight but I just knew the prevailing attitudes were wrong and completely inconsistent with how Jesus asked us to be with other people. You know, its a good thing too because turns out my 18 year old son is gay and I am so pleased he was not brought up in an environment which condemns him for this. It breaks my heart that he is too scared to come out to his dad and my mother because of their Christianity. I know his Dad will love him no matter what but he is still scared to tell him and ethically I don’t feel free to tell my son about his father’s struggles with sexual identity (cos we’re not married any more and its not my story). I guess it must be hard for someone like Sy to change some of his core statements as he is still married and is a Dad but it does sadden me that he is choosing to live a life of incongruence while not being accountable for the damage his words (no matter how long ago he spoke them) are doing to young people who are so vulnerable and at risk.

  19. Anne December 26, 2016 at 9:59 am - Reply

    Hi Anthony, as a christian heterosexual I struggle with giving up the belief that it is possible to change. If we give up on our belief in the possibility of change are we not denying the ressurection power that is available to us to enable us to live according to His plan for us? Does that not nullify the Power and Purpose of the Cross? Sy Rogers never said his journey was easy. He talks about choosing daily to ‘die to self’ in order to align himself with God’s standards. That like Laban, he (and all of us sinners) have to dunk ourselves in the river of grace over and over again and will need to do so until our death. We choose to engage in a battle when we become a christian. The battle to find our true authentic self according to God’s design. I don’t believe homosexual activity is any more sinful than other willful acts of disobedience against God’s known Will. I do think we all have feet of clay, are desperate in our humanity for a Saviour but, salvation does come at a cost. It cost Jesus everything-why not us? How much are we willing to pay the price of obedience? Jesus said ” I only do what my Father tells me to do” Are we willing to ‘rid ourselves of sin’ to get to that place of intimacy and obedience? To die to our base needs and desires (whatever they may be), to ourselves, in order that He be honored, for HIS Glory? Because at the end of the day it is not about us!!! That is when we will experience his resurrection power. That is when we are changed.

    • Anthony Venn-Brown
      Anthony Venn-Brown December 28, 2016 at 2:06 am - Reply

      Hi Ann…..thanks for reading the article on Sy Rogers and sharing your thoughts.

      Possibly there is a confusion here about sexual orientation and morality. I don’t have any battle with my homosexual orientation as you don’t battle with your heterosexual orientation. It’s not something I need to change as you don’t yours.Asking God to change our orientation would be like asking him to change the colour of eyes or our hair from curly to straight.Considering the enormous suffering in the world I really don’t think that God would be concerned with such trivial matters. Do you?

      As far as I’m aware Sy doesn’t say he has changed from gay to straight. A lot of people have assumed that because he is married and has had children. But for those of us who are same-sex-oriented those types of relationships fit into the category of situational heterosexuality. You can read about that here

  20. Ella December 28, 2016 at 5:57 am - Reply

    I love your wisdom and balance Anthony. The trials and turmoil you have endured have given you an abundance of grace and mercy which you are generous with.
    May the coming year bring you more joy than you ever thought possible.

  21. Jay January 6, 2019 at 3:13 am - Reply

    Hi Anthony, I found it interesting that you only want to hear from people who have been negatively influenced in the past by Sy Rogers, tapes, video’s or published materials.

    Seems my story may be the opposite of what you want to hear.

    I grew up in a Christian home & one of my parents was watching a video of Sy Rogers testimony around 20years ago. I was transfixed by his story! I was suffering with severe gender identity issues & wanting to have a sex change. I had grown up in the church & at Christian schools but I had never heard anyone talk so candidly about their sexuality & gender issues. I thought I was the only one that had a gender issue & I was dying of shame. I had been suicidal since the age of 6. Hearing his story gave me hope! There were other ppl like me & God didn’t hate me & there was hope that God could heal me. It took another 7years of choosing to live as my born gender until God miraculously healed me! It wasn’t a simple fix & it took a lot of time. But I no longer suffer with any gender dysphoria (been free since 2007) & I am happy to live the way God made me.

    I’m sorry you were hurt by the ex-gay movement but I don’t think Sy should have to apologise for his past teachings or renounce them. It took amazing courage for him to share his testimony back in that cultural climate. He was obedient to what God asked of him.

    God is in the restoration business… maybe He has more to say to you about this but you no longer want to listen? Healing is not an easy journey, nor for the faint hearted.

    “For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” Matt 7:14

    • Anthony Venn-Brown
      Anthony Venn-Brown January 7, 2019 at 3:54 pm - Reply

      Hi Jay…..I’m happy to post your story here. Thanks for sharing it. I’m glad that this has worked out well for you. Reading through your story I remember a conversation I had with Alan Chambers. Alan was talking about the people who had been helped through Exodus and that had actually saved some people from suicide. And that is true but the other side of the story is what Alan actually apologised for in 2013……the countless lives that got destroyed because of a lie and Exodus had preached…..that gays turn straight. Have you read Alan’s apology

      The problem I have with Sy is that he has made no effort to correct misconceptions people have about his story. He’s told people privately that he no longer preaches a reorientation message but never acknowledged that publicly. The only reason I can see why he would do that and indicated to me the last time we communicated is the impact the truth would have on his ‘story’, preaching, ministry, income. For that I no longer have any respect for him.

    • Anthony Venn-Brown
      Anthony Venn-Brown January 7, 2019 at 4:01 pm - Reply

      Hi again Jay……I wonder did you also get to read the follow up to this article

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